Quality Guarantee & Warranty


Please note that while we have tried to accurately display the colors of products, the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate.
Furthermore please note that our products are made of natural material. Some corresponding inequalities of material and color are possible and are not to be deemed as defects. We reserve the right to change details on products or photos of products without prior notice.


Ling de Co., Ltd. provides a lifetime warranty for Artismi's products as follows (Repair fees are subject to change based on maintenance)

1. Free warranty time: within six months from the date of purchase. Not include main stone (lager than .03ct ) lost.
2. During the period of warranty, if the damage occurs under normal use and it will decide to be a quality problem, we will provide replacement or free maintenance. If it is not a quality problem, Consumers must be paid. Consumers are responsible for sharing the costs associated with jewelry repair; if the stone or accessories on the jewelry are lost, or any relevant conditions, consumer is responsible for the cost of this part.
3. After six months since the date of purchase. The product is repaired due to natural damage. The maintenance fee is from 300 to1500 NTD. The company reserves the right to provide repair services.
4. The company does not have any responsibility for the damage caused by improper use of the products or by changing the appearance of the products, which causes the damage to the stones, pearls and metal materials, Ling-de., Ltd. does not provide warranty repair.

If you discover a problem caused by wear we recommend taking your goods to a jewelry repair shop. Our repairing service is only served in Taiwan area.

Due to the following matters, Ling de Co., Ltd. does not provide warranty repair. 1. Damage caused by inadvertent or deliberate human factors.
2. Damage due to poor maintenance, such as pits and breakage.
3. Damage caused by arbitrary modify construction, or function.
4. Attention: To any products that are not sold by the company's official authorized channels, platforms and contact dealers.


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