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Artismi jewelry should be two things: classy and fabulous
Classics, unlike the seasonally changing fashion industry, gold and diamonds with good designs are ageless and will shine brighter through time.
Ultimate, originates from the pursuit of exceptional quality. From sketches to the last set gem, every detail abides by the highest jewelry manufacturing standards and only includes precious metal and natural high quality gems.
Artismi provides two ways of customization. 1. Pick a current design and change it up. 2. One-and-only exclusive customization

Pick a current design and change it up

Pick one of our favorites and chose the precious metal you like,14k(585) or 18K(720), yellow, white or rose gold. (the change of color and setting of gem may not be applicable to some designs)

One-and-only exclusive customization

If you support our ideals and appreciate our designs, please contact us. Our designer will personally connect with you and work with you every step of the way to actualize the dream accessory tailored just for you.





Design director

Claire believes that every blessing, affection and milestone of life can be conveyed through jewelry. Each collection represents a story, a value or an attitude.

From Milan, Hong Kong, New York, to Taipei, from industrial design to jewelry design. After completed the training of GIA jewelry design and technology in New York, Claire wants to provide designer jewelry with reasonable price through new business model. Making Fine and fair jewelry is her goal for lifetime.
Claire Yen: GIA JD&JDT